aimm_icon About the
Australian Institute of Model Makers
aimm_icon Our Vision AIMM's vision is to provide a national voice, information sharing and standards monitoring for all individuals and organisations with a professional, commercial or casual interest in model making.

aimm_icon Our Mission Our primary mission is to connect model makers in a community where skills and knowledge can be safely shared amoungst members. In addition, AIMM seeks to encourage the commercial success of professional and corporate members by connecting them through the AIMM Referral Service, based on their skills, experience, range of equipment and software available to them and match them to the most appropriate business leads. Members who choose to use AIMM Referral Service are free to enter into their own commercial arrangements directly with referred prospects and potential clients.

aimm_icon Our Purpose Our purpose is to foster the commercial and general interests of members in all matters relating to model making including architectural models, town planning models, proof-of-concept models, industrial design, computer aided design (CAD) and visualisation software, 3D printing & laser cutting, castings and mouldings, plastics and hot metal injection moulding, paints and finishing treatments and more....