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New AIMM members are sent an AIMM accreditation logo at time of registration. The logo shows your membership and membership class. The AIMM logo may be displayed on your website, in email signatures, on letterheads, in business correspondence and anywhere else you which to show your affiliation with the AIMM and your professional associations.



The AIMM mainains a Resource Library of show-cased products and services which we believe may be useful to our membership group. The Resource Library is electronically searchable by AIMM members. It contains documentaton, FAQs, tips and suggestions from suppliers and other model maker groups. The Resource Library is a valuable asset, especially for new members starting out who may not have the same depth of experience as more established members. The are no charges for use of the Resource Library, however a current AIMM membership is required. The AIMM also organises information nights, demonstrations and annual conferences; all of which feature a strong education focus.


Member Collaboration

One of the membership benefits that is most often commented on with appreciation are the various opportunities for AIMM members to collaborate. For example, one professioal member who specialises in architectural models was able to outsource the production of landscaping and street scenery for a large commercial building development to another member and thus meet tight deadlines, even though the building development was covered by a commercial Non-Disclosure Agreement. Many other collaboration opportunities arise for simple things such as selecting the correct equipment settings for 3D printers and laser cutters, achieving quality paint colours and finishes, rendering text for signage and displays, as well as discussing and managing effective client relationships and communications. The opportunities for member collaboration are almost endless.


Referral Service

The AIMM regularly invites enquiries from both corporate and private users of model making services via the AIMM website and via the general media. The users are directed to a list of services offered by AIMM members from which they can pick and choose, depending on their specific project requirements. Members whose profiles match the user's requirements may be contacted by AIMM with the project requirements and given the opportunity to respond directly to the enquirer. The enquirer is then free to select from the short-listed members whom they believe best meet their specifc project requirements. It is then up to the selected AIMM member/s to enter into a commercial arrangement with the prospect.


Technology Showcase

The AIMM Technology Showcase is an opportunity for vendors to demonstrate new and relevant products and sevices to AIMM members through product demonstrations, information evenings, documentation and direct contact with product experts. To protect your valuable time and ours AIMM ensures that all products and services in the Technology Showcase are relevant to model makers and are not generic in nature. Member advice is regularly sought to select which products and services are most relevant to model makers in their various lines of work.


Vendor Discounts

The AIMM membes represent a very important part of the Australian economy that is very close to building applications and approvals, apartment sales, industrial R&D, new technology product developments, medical device designs as well as a wide range of recretional activities. Thus, it isn't surprising that the AIMM regularly receives special offers and discounts for members from product and service vendors. The AIMM makes these offers available to members as and when they become available and members can easily choose to opt in or out of receiving email notifications.