aimm_icon AIMM Membership Rules and Rules
  Rule Description

Advertising and Media

AIMM members must make not any statements or representations to the media or third parties purporting to be the opinions or views of the AIMM. Violation of this rule may result in immediate disqualification from membership. Members are also prohibited from using the AIMM logo or contennt in advertising, articles, publications or any other form of published material without written consent of AIMM management. An exception to this rule is the display of a financial member's AIMM approved Accreditation Logo which may be used to promote the member's business and/or interests. Please seek the assistance from AIMM Management if you have any questions about his rule before going to print or publishing on-line.


Guests at events

AIMM members may bring a friend or guest to any AIMM function or event which is advertised as being free to financial AIMM members. However, each individual guest may only attend one such event before signing up for AIMM membership. Thus, no regular guests or friends at events please becasue they tend to create distractions for other members who are trying to get the most out of the events.


Membership to be current

To access member services and receive notifications of AIMM events and functions you are required to keep your membership current. To keep administrative costs and staffing to the minimum the AIMM has invested in membership automation. Thus we regret it is very difficult to process individual requests for information. However, if your membership is current, you'll receive all the motifications and access to information enjoyed by other AIMM members. The AIMM does not charge interest on past-due memberships fees becasue we recognise that all members may not be financial and/or may wish to let their membership lapse. However, if the lapsed membership period is less than 12 months then AIMM will apply the most recent membership fee receipt to the past-due period before applying the balance to the new calendar year. If the lapsed membership period is greater than 12 months then the AIMM will create a new membership account commencing from the date the membership fee is received. Membership fees may be paid Annually or Monthly by automatic billing. An annual $10 administration fee ($0.83 per month) is added if you select the Monthly Billing options.